80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. The Fit by VS. Revolutionizing Victoria's Secret by adding a completely new aspect to the brand that ensures women have the absolute best fitting bra for their body.


Using inclusive imagery and introducing new bra line


Ten days before the launch of The Fit, Victoria's Secret will delete all Instagram posts. Six days before the launch, Victoria's Secret will make one post each day, to complete a coherent grid on launch day. 

Blank Grid.png

Posts number one and six will be videos promoting The Fit. 

Implementing Smart Mirror technology so customers can ensure they have the best fit, without the awkwardness of human interaction. The mirror uses laser and infrared technology to measure and has an interface that will walk you through the fitting process, show you bras that will fit best, and gives users the option to have bras taken to their dressing room.


Victoria's secret will create a large wall in Times Square and invite women to hang their bras that no longer fit them to create a massive installation in protest of wearing the wrong sized bra. Ten days before launch day (International Women's Day) the wall will be set up and covered. On launch day, the wall will be revealed. 


Thank you, Rachel Curry, Shayla Johnson, Danny Timbers, and Madison McKracken!